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Years after the Islamic revolution in Iran, a woman finds herself in a room with no door. From her only window, she experiences real and surreal visions. Are these memories, dreams, nightmares or her reality? Have these occurrences come to pass or are they yet to happen?  In a way, she is a microcosm of the country she comes from. At times she sees herself roaming freely beyond her confinement on the streets of Tehran. Her attempts to escape the place and to find what is real will prove difficult, and submerse her further into her surreal world.


Story, Direction and Editing by Roshanak Elmendorf.

Produced by Julie Deffet and Roshanak Elmendorf.

Directors of Photography: Miles Budde and Jonathan Castro.

Assistant Director and Production Design: Daniel Gras Pujalt.

Sound by David Ito Carrasco.

Produced by Deffet Films and Viewing Room Production Company.

Starring Allison Frasca










Genre: Surreal, Drama, Experimental

Duration: Feature



             A ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW

                                        Spring 2016